Date número deux

“Hey you! YES YOU. Are you dithering on a date and looking for ways to entertain yourself? Bring up the notion of freezing your eggs, a foolproof way to a priceless face.”

Yes, yes it happened. No I would not take it back if I could.


Err it’s a free country I’ll say what I please!

Dwelling on the nastiness of the world makes for incredibly sad people. Now that I’m spending most of my days not quite knowing whether it’ll be another burst of unexplainable hysteria, a weekend on a total high or an hour of being completely and utterly content, I’m trying to reform my sceptic ways to reduce the chances of falling deeper into insanity.

I’ve stopped reading the news on my way into work if only to not start my day in tears. Unfortunately the sadder more disturbing stories of the world will always scream louder and sickly prove a more interesting read than that of a modern day saint. I’m guilty of being a glutton for the less amicable side of human intrigue when it comes to the news.

With stories of genocide, war, and sheer brutality plastering our papers it’s surprisingly the recent imprisonment of Pussy Riot that has affected me most, maybe I’ve become conditioned to hearing about the former on a regular basis. I’m not going to go into the intricacies of the case, all that’s important is that the basic human right of free speech should not be infringed in 2012. Yes the news is bias, often falsified by those Corpies pulling the strings. Most of what we see on the telly is all bull and staged, but we’re all aware of this, accept it, observe it with a critical eye and carry on: my point being that free speech is always subject to question but the basic license is ours.

I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in a country where we can protest, kick up a fuss, sing a song about death to the monarchy or kicking swans (I do neither of these but I could if I damn well wished without the fear of being locked up). That may sound a little ridiculous, and Pussy Riot did make a massive statement in hijacking the Moscow cathedral but so fucking what. It shocks and appalls me that there are places where the Church or any religion for that matter still holds such great authority. There’s no place for it in an ever-increasing world of countless religions, Agnostics, Atheists and even Scientologists (<ha I wonder how long it’ll take them to track this post). The Church as a place of worship and an integral aspect of Russian society is supposedly key to the ‘outrage’ caused. This was a protest against dictatorship, the stirring of the relationship between the Church and the state was fantastic, and the punk prayer was hilarious! (God I wish I understood Russian).

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, but I’ve almost said what I needed.
My verdict: Astounded at the reasoning behind the sentence, or thereby lack of. I’m hopeful that this brave move will encourage rather than deter. All eyes on you Russia, much of the west is not impressed!